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We Speak, Write and Smile in ALL Languages.

Phone  416-410-2021

We Speak, Write and Smile in ALL Languages.

Phone  416-410-2021

We Speak, Write and Smile in ALL Languages.

Services - American Sign Language (ASL)

Sign Language Interpretation Services

American Sign Language (ASL) is the primary means of communication for many deaf Canadians. Sign Language Interpretation stands apart from all common forms of language interpretation. In our effort to bridge language barriers, we have added to our roster American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation services.

Sign Language Interpretation

Sign language interpretation consists of using hands and facial expressions to facilitate communication with hearing-impaired individuals and audience members and can take place anywhere and in a variety of settings. Often, event organizers are looking for ASL interpreters to ensure that hearing-impaired audience members have the best experience and feel included in all communications. To ensure the best experience, event organizers are often looking for interpreters who have obtained accreditation and are certified sign language interpreters.

We are happy to help you with finding a qualified ASL interpreter for your event. Contact us today!


The Bob Rumball Association for the Deaf. provides a variety of care and support to deaf children and adults with a variety of needs.

The Bob Rumball Foundation for the Deaf

Bob Rumball received his university degree, became a preacher, played in the CFL, worked with death row inmates, travelled around the continent on a motorcycle, learned sign language and became an icon of the deaf community, all before the age of 30. One Sunday, he delivered a sermon to a deaf congregation on Wellesley Street in Toronto. He was struck when no one watched him as he spoke from the pulpit. Their eyes were fixated on the interpreter below.

Read about the extraordinary dedication of Reverend Bob Rumball to the deaf community. Through his care and compassion he has spent the last 50 years tirelessly dedicating his efforts to the health and welfare of the Deaf. None of the Foundation's achievements would have been possible without the selfless leadership, guidance and passion Reverend Rumball has given.

Book Your Sign Language Interpreter Today!

By providing ASL Interpretation for the deaf, you will delight your hearing-impaired audience members and set your event up for exceptionally positive feedback.

Reach out today to book an ASL Interpreter for your event: (416) 410-2021


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