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We Speak, Write and Smile in ALL Languages.

Phone  416-410-2021

We Speak, Write and Smile in ALL Languages.

Phone  416-410-2021

We Speak, Write and Smile in ALL Languages.

Express International Translations Inc.

"Our mission is to provide our clients the most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective professional translation service with the utmost confidentiality and security."

Express International Translations Inc. provides a wide range of translation and interpretation services such as language translations, simultaneous an consecutive interpretation and sign language interpretation. Whether you are looking to hire an interpreter or simply translate a document or manual from English into French or any other language, you can rest assured our translators and interpreters are highly qualified and efficient, providing you a fast turnaround time.

Conference / Simultaneous Interpretation

At Express International Translations, our simultaneous interpreters are among the top linguists in the world. They have the experience, the knowledge and the ability to interpret any targeted languages simultaneously. We have served a long list of high-profile clients, among them:

  • Pope John Paul II
  • Prime Minister his Honorable Jean Chrétien
  • Mr. Preston Manning
  • Mayor Mel Lastman
  • CBC News
  • Premier of Québec Mr. Lucian Bouchard, and
  • the President Aristide of Haiti
Philippe Vitu, the President and founder of Express International Translations Inc., has been a successful French simultaneous interpreter and translator for over 15 years.
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Translation Services

With language translation, every project is different and requires professional translation services to meet a specific target audience or the technicality of a specific document. Our goal is to make sure your project is paired with the most appropriate and specialized translator to get the job done. Our translators translate with accuracy, correct grammar and style all at an affordable price. The EITX difference means no matter if you are located in Toronto, Montreal or South America, we treat each translation project as if it's mission critical. Call today for more information.
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Personal Document Translations

Our huge translation capability is not limited to the corporate sphere. Migration of people, which is one of the products of globalization, has become a worldwide phenomenon. We all have had a personal document to translate in our lives. We can also help you in this regard.

We translate from nearly any language in the world into English:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Transcripts
  • Medical Records
  • Divorce Certificates and Judgments
  • Drivers licenses from the European Union

If required, will also provide affidavits.
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Website Translation

The Internet gains popularity every day with users of different languages. If a visitor can't access your website in their own language, you may lose a potential client. According to research, nearly two-thirds of internet users are from a non-English speaking background. Our certified translators will work closely with you to ensure that your website content is translated correctly.
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Technical Translation

Express International Translations offers International Technical Translation to businesses and corporate clients requiring communications in multiple languages. From English to Spanish Technical Translation, Spanish to German Technical Translation, German to French Technical Translation and many more, we would be happy to assist you with your translation needs.
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Medical Translation

Medical document translation is highly specialized, requires precision and must leave no room for errors. Medical document translation also requires a great commitment and should only be translated by experienced Medical translators. We will do our utmost to ensure the client is satisfied with price, quality and service.
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Legal Translation

The translation of legal documents demands a specific expertise with wording of documents which can otherwise result in confusion and delays. We can translate legal documents from administrative to banking to civil liability to federal law and much more. We'll translate your legal documents on time and on budget.
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Phone Interpretation

Wouldn't you like to communicate with the world live, without having to leave your office or home? This is exactly what interpretation over the phone enables you to do. Call our office, and our phone interpretation professionals will do the rest. We connect you with your interlocutor (wherever they may be) and with a phone interpreter in a three-way exchange.
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