Experienced Reliable Translators

Experienced Reliable Translators

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If you are seeking more information about “Experienced Reliable Translators”, then we can help. Here at EITX, all of our translators are highly educated and trained.  In fact, all translators hold at least a post secondary education and many hold specialized degrees and experience in areas such as engineering, mining, IT, medicine, and law.  Give us a call at (416) 410-2021 for any further inquiries of our translation services.

Experienced Reliable Translators

Express International Translations Inc offers a huge selection of Translation Services. This includes the translation of documents of course as well as  consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in over 150 languages involving either French of English in the desired languages combination.

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Express International Translations Inc works closely with all of our customers to help ensure each translation is performed according to your specifications.

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Our Clients Love Us

High quality simultaneous interpretation services and press  conferences in the media were key elements to our success... Thank you for your contribution to the success of World Youth Day 2002.

Director of Communication
Toronto Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much Philippe for the excellent job on this document and for noting the missed gender piece.

Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario
Mississauga Ontario, Canada

It is a pleasure to doing business together, you provide excellent quality service, and it is much appreciated! Keep up the wonderful work.

Wheels Leasing Canada Ltd.
Mississauga Ontario, Canada

We compared three translation companies using a common document and EIT's translation won the vote with our Spanish-speaking management team. And Philippe is always extremely accommodating, even with the most demanding deadlines.

Michelle Mariage

We found Express International Translation to be an exceptional partner. We required the translation of complex, highly technical documents, in a short time frame, and EIT was able to deliver quickly, efficiently and at a very reasonable rate. Thanks!

Phil Wigmore

The quality and professionalism of the interpreters you provide is exceptional and a key component in the success of our international training programs. Thank you for your excellent service and commitment to quality.

Cheryl Martin