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We Speak, Write and Smile in ALL Languages.

Phone  416-410-2021

We Speak, Write and Smile in ALL Languages.

Phone  416-410-2021

We Speak, Write and Smile in ALL Languages.

Services - Simultaneous / Conference Interpretation

Why Choose Us?

We’re not just “yet another” interpretation services agency. We’re “the” interpretation services agency, having served a long list of high-profile clients, among them:

  • Pope John Paul II
  • Prime Minister his Honorable Jean Chrétien
  • Mr. Preston Manning
  • Mayor Mel Lastman
  • CBC News
  • Premier of Québec Mr. Lucian Bouchard, and
  • the President Aristide of Haiti

Philippe Vitu, the President and founder of Express International Translations Inc., has been a successful French simultaneous interpreter and translator for over 15 years. Mr. Vitu has served at hundreds of conferences in the Greater Toronto Area as well as out of province and out of country, for high-profile clients as those mentioned above.

Having provided high quality conference interpretation to clients in the fields of Accounting, Union Negotiations, Education, Social Awareness, Domestic Violence, Sales Conventions, Board Meetings, Medical Conventions, International Conventions and more, we truly have the skills and expertise to serve you. No matter what subject matter you are an expert in Express International Translations will provide you with top international simultaneous and consecutive interpreters to make your meeting or conference a pleasure to attend.

What is Simultaneous (or Conference) Interpretation?

When interpreting at a conference or event, the interpreter usually works in a soundproofed booth with at least one other colleague to bridge language barriers between attendees. While the presenter is speaking, the interpreter translates the message almost simultaneously. The delegates attending the meeting can then select the relevant channel to hear the interpretation in their chosen language.

At Express International Translations, our simultaneous interpreters are among the top linguists in the world. They have the experience, knowledge and ability to interpret any targeted language simultaneously under fire.

Whether you need simultaneous interpretation services or consecutive interpreting in any language for medical appointments, small or large business meetings or events such as a seminar, rest assured that Express International Translations will provide you with top international simultaneous and consecutive interpreters.

The only time simultaneous interpreting equipment is not required is when addressing a very small group of people. In this case, whispering interpretation is possible. Here, simultaneous interpreting is being carried out by a portable system whereby the interpreter attaches a small microphone on his shirt and renders the translation into the microphone.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

We are your "One Stop Shop" for Simultaneous Conference Interpreters and Interpretation Equipment. The interpretation equipment is an essential part of simultaneous conference interpretation. It usually consists of

  • a soundproof booth equipped with a central console manned by the simultaneous interpreters
  • infrared transmitters
  • headsetsfor the audience
  • a qualified technician, who is present at all times.

The system can be what we call on "simple mode" involving just two languages or on a more complex "relay mode" involving many languages, more than one booth and a larger team of interpreters.

Our simultaneous interpretation service provided during World Youth Day in 2002 is a good example of what interpretation is in a relay mode: Pope John Paul II, who was a polyglot, was speaking in more languages than one, but we had to render the translation into 7 different languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Polish and Portuguese.

Out of City, Province or Country Conferences

Is your office located in the Greater Toronto Area but your conference is out of town or out of province, maybe even out of the country? In order to avoid travel cost and be more cost-effective we will hire local professional conference interpreters in the city your conference is being held.

If the language is French, oftentimes Mr. Philippe Vitu, President, will attend. He will act both as a conference interpreter and on-site manager.

Whispering Interpretation

Alternatively, in smaller settings, interpreters may use a portable system instead of a booth. In this instance, the interpreter talks into a small microphone clipped onto his/her shirt. While cheaper and very mobile, this system however does not isolate the interpreter and may allow outside noise to distract the interpreter, making the task more difficult.

Need Simultaneous Interpretation Services?

Contact us today. We would be pleased to assist you with your conference requirements. Simply tell us where, when, what language combination. We will take care of the rest: (416) 410-2021


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